Strategic Advisory Program

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Mr. Richard Abraham has worked with dozens of companies on their sales strategies. Their challenges almost always boil down to this:

  • If it is a small company, the owner is does not think he or she is a salesperson, but he or she is wrong. Dead wrong!
  • The sales manager has been promoted from the sales ranks. Different skill set.
  • The sales manager is also a salesperson, a “player coach,” to try to save a few bucks. Usually does not work well.
  • Recruiting is not based upon a scientific method including assessments. You must find producers and avoid pretenders.
  • The company is selling features but buyers could care less. Buyers want to know “what’s in it for them,” aka benefits.

The Richard Abraham Difference

My job is not to grind through the same old business clichés with you. My job is to shake you up, challenge you and get you way out of the box because breakouts are often a combination of your proprietary knowledge and my “push the envelope” application and ideas.

Hire Me If:

  • You are a Venture Capitalist or Private Equity Firm and you own an investment that you know has potential, but it is hung up on sales.
  • You are a start-up and have funding and want to build your sales platform the right way from the beginning.
  • You are a franchisee and your franchisor is just not providing support for the sales breakout you desperately need.
  • You are trying to figure out the whole digital marketing game as it relates to sales. Lots of BS out there . . . I’ve got you covered.
  • You have been hiring people who look great on paper and in interviews and then don’t perform after being hired. I will teach you how to hire salespeople who will sustain high performance over the long haul.
  • You are looking for something new and different to fire up your sales organization.

Companies Richard Abraham Has Helped Strategically

“Of all the advisors I’ve brought to our marketing and sales efforts, these folks have by far the biggest impact. Their character, Mr. Shmooze, is my hero! He lives passionately and brings joy to everyone he meets. What a perfect prescription for happiness and success.”

– Kevin Cushing, AlphaGraphics

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