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About Mr. Shmooze

It’s about emotions! All great salespeople are skilled at making powerful emotional connections first. Learn how they do it and why it works.

It’s about giving! All great salespeople understand that selling is not about taking–it’s about giving. Learn how to understand what buyers really need and how to give it to them. Chances are it has nothing to do with the business of the day!

It’s about fun! Most salespeople take themselves way too seriously. Learn how great salespeople stand out by bringing joy, laughter and fun into their relationships with prospects and clients!

The character of “Mr. Shmooze” is larger than life. He is the creation of Richard Abraham, president of The Richard Abraham Company. Mr. Shmooze™ is a composite of the greatest salespeople in the world, and the insight offered through the platform of Mr. Shmooze products is designed to give salesmen and women a powerful advantage—turbocharging their sales results!

The dynamic selling persona of “Mr. Shmooze” is presented in the book, Mr. Shmooze: The Art and Science of Selling Through Relationships, in Richard Abraham’s weekly eColumn, and in his speaking engagements. Find out how to turbocharge your sales efforts, while making it more fun for yourself and your customers in the process! Order your copy of Mr. Shmooze™ today!

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