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Raise the Mood . . . Make the Sale

“Raise the Mood . . . Make the Sale.”  This sales truism has been around for a long time, but all the research we have seen still supports it with vigor. Here’s why.

The buying decision is an emotional decision.  Yes, the buyer analyzes the transaction intellectually, but at the moment of truth, the decision of whether or not to actually pull the trigger switches over to the emotional side of his mind and becomes a very personal moment of commitment. And when we are talking emotions, we are talking mood, so a positive mood is pivotal to the transaction moment. But it goes further than that.  Read more »


“Great Question . . . Thanks for Asking!”

Here is how many salespeople might answer an “apparently” straightforward question.

(Buyer): “What about emergency response? When all hell breaks loose, I need to reach someone immediately!”
(Salesperson): “We have a 24/7 hour hotline to handle emergencies. You will get a response immediately.”

This is not a bad answer, but a huge selling opportunity is missed in the process. Here is how Mr. Shmooze would handle the same question.  Read more »


A Friendly Thought From Mr. Shmooze

So you are in the market for a printer at work. You arrange to have a few salespeople come in and talk about their products. You find out there are any number of good printers out there, all with decent warranties and service follow ups. But one of the programs stands out. Why?  Read more »


People Love to See Pictures of Kids . . . THEIR Kids!

Have your kids ever participated in an event at school . . . you know, a holiday play or sports event . . . and pictures are passed along later? Be honest  . . . do you really stop to admire the pictures of all the other kids . . . or do you focus on finding pictures of your kids?

Same thing as when you are in the audience for the Christmas show and the whole third grade class comes out and stands on the bleachers. Where are your eyes focused, like a laser?  On the other kids?  Nope . . . your kid.  Read more »


Mr. Shmooze on the Roof!

I always love to run into real time Mr. Shmooze stories I can share with our readers. Here is one from over the weekend.

I was having a beer with a friend who had some roofing issues and had been told by two roofers he needed new roofs. But this is not just any house . . . it’s a moose, with multiple roofs angling up as many as four stories. So a full re-roofing could be easily in the $30,000 range . . . an important job for most residential roofers. I had recommended another roofer to him that had provided excellent service for me and who had branched off from a bigger company to form his own firm. I trusted him and knew his lower overhead operation would be very competitive. Here is what my buddy said about the meeting.  Read more »