One More Call

Selling is and always will be a numbers game to the extent that, the more people we communicate with, the more people are likely to transact with us. In that light, here is a simple tip from a very successful salesperson I know, that you may want to consider in your own selling strategy. 

Each day, at the very end of the day, when my friend is wrapping things up, he makes, what he calls, “one more call.”  He says that what he means is that rather than quit for the day at a moment when he is really tired and wants to stop, he winds everything down, gets ready to stop, but then pointedly and proactively makes one more call, or sends out one more email, then calls it a day.

Sounds basic, but when you do the math it’s pretty cool because, not including weekends, that means he makes an extra 255 calls per year . . . 1,275 calls over the past five years.  He knows for a fact that this extra effort has produced at least forty clients for him including a couple of majors, so he has some powerful reinforcement to keep doing it.

My friend says that the key is to make this the very last thing you do for the (working) day . . . at least at the office.  Making it the very last act adds focus and discipline to the process as well as self-accountability.  He says it is also a good way to end each day by doing the most important thing he can possibly do . . . reach out to a prospect.

This week, give it a try. At the end of the day, make “one more call.”

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