A Memorable Saying

I saw a great saying the other day . . . I wish I could credit it but it did not have a name attached.  I love it, because it really captures the essence of what we try to consistently broadcast and teach at our workshops . . . 

“People may forget what you say, and they may forget what you do, but they will NEVER forget how you make them feel.”

This really is the secret sauce we see applied by nearly all the superstar salespeople we encounter.  They place a great deal of emphasis on building an emotional bridge to the client because they know that the decision to buy is ultimately an emotional decision.  These top producers go to great lengths with both small and large gestures to insure that their clients “feel” good when they are communicating and working with them. Another top priority in these salespeople’s selling strategy is concentrate very hard on lifting their clients’ spirits.

It doesn’t take much to make someone feel a little bit better, and the leverage generated by even a small gesture can be enormous.  It’s a matter of focus and sincere desire to make building emotional connections a pivotal part of a salesperson’s communications program.

This week see what you can do to make a client feel a little bit better. Even the smallest gestures count!

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