A Quickie From a Pro!

I was talking to one of my sales friends who is very successful and has been at the selling game a long time. He told me, “You know, I don’t think people buy because they want something . . . I think they buy because they are afraid they are going to miss something.”  

I am not sure I agree with him completely but I do agree that a sense of urgency, i.e., “I might lose this house/car/ deal if I do not make a decision soon,” is one of the most powerful closing motivators. I like to take that notion one step further by explaining the “cost of doing nothing” which can be substantial.

I am not a big fan of setting up a false sense of urgency (the old . . . “someone else is looking at this too” gambit.) But I do think it can be very legitimate and powerful to remind a buyer that something is a good or even great value, and since that is the case, others are likely to recognize that too. Buyers need to know there is some risk in waiting too long to make a decision.

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