Amazingly Simple. Incredibly Powerful.

The other day I walked into a burger joint after working out (figured I had earned it). I still had my workout clothes on and the kid at the counter said, “Do you play basketball?” I said, “I played in college a thousand years ago.”  He said, “Well it looks like you are still playing . . . you are in great shape.”

Bam! I don’t know whether the kid had been trained to find a way to make a compliment or was being spontaneous but guess what?  It didn’t matter. I skipped out of the restaurant feeling better than when I had walked in. From one simple sentence.

Dale Carnegie has sold over 10 million books on winning friends and influencing people. Do you know what he recommends if you want to be the most popular person in the world? 

Greet everybody like your dog greets you when you come home! What does your dog do? Jumps up and down, wags his tail  . . . he acts like greeting you is the most important moment of his day, and he does it EVERY TIME.

Sounds so simple. So why don’t we do this stuff?  Why don’t we compliment people more?  Why don’t we greet them like they are the most important person in the world . . . every time?

I don’t have the answer but here is a little secret for you. The greatest salespeople in the world do compliment people a lot and do treat each one of them like he/she is the most important person they will meet that day. And then their competitors are left scratching their heads wondering why they get so much business.

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