Are We Energy Boosters?

Happy New Year Everyone!  Here is a quick thought for us all as we approach the new business year fresh and raring to go.

When we interact with people, do we add energy or do we draw energy from their lives?  The reason I ask is because people who add energy are always welcome.  People who draw energy tend to be quietly replaced over time. Obviously our goal as professionals who sell through relationships is to be a person who always adds energy in the course of our interaction with our clients and prospects. 

Unfortunately, it is much easier to be what I call an energy vampire than an energy booster.  For example, when we call someone out of the blue off of our CRM list and have nothing to add to their day other than, “Hi I am just checking in,” that interruption drains energy.  On the other hand, if we do a little more work prepare well,  when we call, we can say something like, “ I know you have been thinking about moving to the west side.  Did you see the announcement for a new townhome development over there? It looks really exciting!”

Also, besides just being prepared, energy is added by attitude.  Researchers have some interesting tests where they put a more enthusiastic person in a room with a less enthusiastic person, and inevitably the more enthusiastic person raises the other person’s mood. In other words moods and feelings are contagious, and we always want to be sure we are on the high side of that dynamic.

There are many things we cannot control as salespeople like the economy or our competitors, but one thing we can absolutely control is how we choose to interact with others.  If we provide a lift, every time, we will be welcome.  If we are neutral to negative, we will eventually be replaced by people who add, not drain, peoples’ emotional energy.

Let’s make a commitment moving into 2015 to be energy boosters as a conscious part of our approach to selling through relationships.

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