Sales Trivia Questions and Quick Reminders!

Here are five sales trivia questions:
1. When you have a choice about what order to present in a competitive presentation scenario, when should you choose to present?
2. In a typical 60 minute sales call, how many minutes did researchers find the salesperson talked versus the client?
3. Where is the best place to sit in a one-on-one lunch with a prospect or client?

4. What are the two words in advertising evoke the most attention?
5. What word doubles the amount of attention that follows it?

Below are the answers. Have fun with these and have a GREAT 4th of July holiday weekend!


1. Last
2. Salesperson: 47 minutes vs. Client: 13 minutes
3. Next to the client at a square table. Not across from the client.
4. Free and New
5. The clients’ name.