Happy New Year Everyone! January is a great month as we all come out running and gunning into the New Year.

Part of the New Year tradition involves setting goals and making resolutions. If there is one thing I would advise each of you to embrace and elevate in 2016, it would be developing what I call the “ACTION” habit. Here is what I mean.

I have had the privilege of working with outstanding leaders and performers across nearly all industry lines. And the one, critical behavior that each and every one of them share is a burning sense of urgency and a habit of acting right now, not later, on any issue of importance. They are not list makers. They are not meeting junkies. They have absolutely no patience for tabling anything. They act, and they act now when they tie into anything that may help them reach their mission.

This does not mean that they are not thoughtful or reckless by any means. What it means is that if they think about someone important to call, they don’t write it down, they call the person, right now. If they decide upon a communications campaign, they don’t write it down, they begin to pull together the resources, right now, and set a challenging timeline for launch. If they hear a piece of news that might help them win a deal, they contact the stakeholders, right now, to maximize the impact of the new information.

No slacking. No delaying. No messing around. These outstanding achievers live right in the moment when it comes to pushing their agendas and energizing the resources necessary to meet them. I cannot think of a more powerful resolution for us as salespeople in 2016 than less talk/planning and more action, starting RIGHT NOW!

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