A Lesson From TV

We have all watched those cliché advertisements on TV in which the pitchman starts adding benefits toward a conclusion . . . you know . . . “Order these kitchen knives right now and we will add a knife sharpener, plus a knife holder, etc.”

Well, as cliché as these ads can be, the people who create them are anything but stupid. Because they know that tests show that “add-ons” can increase response rate by 35%, a huge number in the context of direct sales.

Now obviously in B2B selling “add-ons” are not always relevant but to the extent we can come up with something in a classy way, the statistics are compelling. So, for example, things like free delivery, or throwing in an extra ten units are things that, if left toward the end of the discussion, rather than being offered early or embedded in the core deal, can have the same kind of closing power.

And let’s face it, anything that can help us close is worth considering.

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