Bright Lights

I see all sorts of great sales and service action when I am travelling, and my last trip was no exception.
I walked into a mid-sized office building near O’Hare. I was a little early, so I strolled over to the directory to double check the floor I needed and took a little longer to check out some other company names. I am close to 6’6” tall so when I turned around I nearly ran over a very serious looking, uniformed woman who was about 5’ tall and standing very close to me.  
Startled, I looked down and she looked up and said, “Now where do you think you are going big guy?”  It took me about a microsecond to pick up the twinkle in her eye and I said, “Something tells me you are going to have something to say about that.”  She said, “You got that right!”  Then we both smiled and broke out laughing, and after a warm exchange she asked me to sign her book and directed me to the elevator.
In the meantime, at least four other visitors came and went . . . messengers, tenants, other building employees. Each one stopped to chat for a minute . . . two of them hugged her. Lots of warm exchanges and laughter.
I like to call magnetic people like this “bright lights.” Other people seek them out to brighten up their moods and elevate their day-to-day work.
While not an especially imposing person physically, this woman’s heart and spirit filled that whole building and probably beyond. She was a HUGE positive force. Imagine how powerful that can be in sales!

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