Mood Transference: How Your Mood Can Impact Your Sales

Have you ever been at a bar after work with your friends and for whatever reason everybody starts laughing . . . I mean really having fun and whooping it up? Inevitably, other people nearby notice and often start smiling themselves, and some may even come over to join the fun.
Because good moods are absolutely contagious. In fact, dozens of psychology experiments have shown that a mood is transferred from the person having the most intense feelings about something to the person who is in a more neutral state. Of course this can go for bad moods too, which is why it is not advisable to spend too much time with depressed people or constant complainers.
Anyway, mood transference is a major element of successful selling. So be sure to get yourself in a positive frame of mind before walking into your customer’s door. Prepare yourself mentally and physically to be upbeat and energetic. Your customer will be keying off your energy and body language.
There is an old saying . . . “raise the mood, make the sale.” The research supports that notion big time.

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