K.I.S.S. – A Good Policy in a Noisy World

We like to talk in our workshops about the incredible power of keeping things simple. We are all overwhelmed with information in the digital age and one way to really stand out and often appeal greatly to prospects and customers is to reduce the noise and just deliver straight answers and provide no nonsense, great service. 
This often starts at the website. Is your website sharp and concise or is it cluttered with extra material that clouds your most important value proposition? Unfortunately, in their attempt to please Google’s algorithms for search, many copywriters have gone too far . . . endlessly repeating search terms but often sacrificing intensity and clarity in the process. Googles bots may be happy, but our clients are forced to wander around looking for simple answers they need to make an informed decision.
The same can occur on our phone calls. Are we listening closely and giving clear, direct answers to questions? Or are we trying to segway into a sales pitch that has nothing to do with why the prospect called? Often one great answer to a key question is all we need, and everything else can just get in the way.
Think about the most satisfying experiences you have had when you have been the customer:

  • Sharp, easy to follow website. 

  • Informed person on the phone with good answers and the conviction of being knowledgeable about his product/service. 

  • And, finally, delivering the goods on time and on budget . . . no excuses, no distractions. 

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) – More than ever . . . a good policy in a noisy world.

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