Another Validation for Keeping Things Simple for our Clients and Prospects

I saw an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review that reinforces the notion that we want to try to keep things as simple as possible in our client interactions and customer service. 
According to the article, today’s customers are more well- informed than ever as they conduct their own research via Google and other sites, and by the time they engage with us, they are often more interested in action steps than in hearing more about what they already know.
So a good early question before we move into our sales discussion is:
“What do you already know about us (or our product) so we can get right to your needs.” 
Or in the case of customer service, picture yourself calling your cable company after having tried to fix something online  . . . rather than the service rep taking you through all the early diagnostics AGAIN, he says:
“OK, let’s quickly discuss what you have already tried so we can get right to a solution together.” 
Lastly, the article emphasizes that customers do not like having a bunch of options thrown at them.  They would rather have a couple of solid choices with sharp clarity and validation behind them. 
K.I.S.S.  . . . Always a powerful way to communicate, service and sell.

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