A Quality Experience

I just spent a long weekend in New York City . . . beautiful Spring days in one of the most exciting cities on the planet. My wife and I had a little time to kill our last morning, so we decided to spend a few hours at Bergdorf Goodman, arguably one of the most prestigious department stores in retail.
Of course the windows and showrooms were off the charts, but the thing that struck me the most that relates to us here is the deep and rich knowledge of the salespeople. 
These were retail pros at the highest level and whether it was jewelry, clothes, shoes or cosmetics, they each brought their own passionate interest in their products along with a deep understanding of how the products were made, who designed them and their quality of workmanship to the discourse.  
I think what impressed me most of all was their supreme confidence . . . they were working in a great place, selling great products and they knew it.  They did not need to push or manipulate . . . they presented the facts, answered all questions with ease, and then stepped back and let the customer connect emotionally with the product.
It is a well-known psychological fact that confidence is powerful, appealing and contagious.
Confidence in selling is manifested through deep and thorough product knowledge and genuine pride in that which we are selling.  There is no need to use gimmicks or to manipulate anyone when we combine a good product with deep knowledge and enthusiasm. 
Taking a page out of Bergdorf Goodman’s playbook . . . be the best and the sales will follow.

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