How Often Do You Follow Up with Prospects?

There are any number of articles written about how many times a salesperson needs to follow up to close a deal.  The average number seems to be seven or eight.  I disagree.  Here is why.
Any time we speak to a prospect or client, he forgets 90% of what we talked about within one week.  Then if a competitor happens to talk with him the next week, we are rotated to the bottom of the memory chain and our competitor is on top. That is a bad position to be in if a sale opportunity comes up.
So when asked how many times we need to touch a customer, my answer is CONSTANTLY . . . and FOREVER!  
That is the price of admission to the great game of sales . . . at least the way the top producers play it!
Remember, your competitor is probably talking to your best client RIGHT NOW!

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The character of "Mr. Shmooze" is larger than life. He is the creation of Richard Abraham, president of The Richard Abraham Company. Mr. Shmooze™ is a composite of the greatest salespeople in the world, and the insight offered through the platform of Mr. Shmooze products is designed to give salesmen and women a powerful advantage—turbocharging their sales results!

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