Give to Receive

Have you ever wondered why big brands like Walmart and Procter & Gamble give away free samples?
Yes, they want us to try a product, but there is a deeper psychology in play called “the reciprocity principle.”
The reciprocity principle, at least in our culture, states that when we receive something, we feel compelled to balance the scales by giving something back.
That is why it can feel uncomfortable around the holiday season, when we receive an unexpected gift and have nothing to give in return.
Great salespeople understand how this works and they find all sorts of ways to get “the give and take” going through gestures large and small . . . could be information, a golf outing, a bottle of wine, etc.
The idea is that buyers feel best when they are able to reciprocate the goodwill, hopefully, at some point, with some business.
Think about your key relationships this month and be sure you are doing enough, in terms of giving, ethically and in good taste, to leverage this very natural and powerful dynamic.
The reciprocity principle is active in all great relationships.

Trust me, your strongest competitors are giving, giving, giving. Don’t let them outwork you in this key aspect of selling!

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