Maintaining Emotional Momentum

In today’s hyper “efficient” and often fragmented stream of sales and customer service, I have been shocked several times recently by how abrupt the drop off can be between the enthusiasm of the original salesperson and the communication that follows after the deal is closed. Part of this comes down to the M.O. of the individual salesperson, but often, as a culture and a rule, companies are frontloading the sales process with all sorts of investment, time and energy, but once they have the fish in the boat, it’s on to the next sale. 

This is truly unfortunate and shortsighted for any business that relies on longer term relationships, multiple transactions over time and referrals to grow.  Often the most critical time in the relationship is right AFTER the sale when trust is either solidified or broken, depending upon how the buyer perceives the actual delivery of the product or service he/she was so ardently promised in the big sales presentation.  The sale is not actually complete, at least in my book, until we receive a high five from the customer validating that we said what we would do and did what we said we would with equal passion and conviction.

If your company will not support you with the resources to maintain relationship momentum after the sale, you may want to bring it up in your next sales meeting, because selling without great follow up support is like running up a sand dune.  Two steps forward and one step back with way too much energy wasted and the hard won opportunity to grow a relationship lost in the process.

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