“Know-It-All” Buyer? Here is How to Make His Ego Work for You

We all know a few blow hards . . . you know, the guys and gals who grab the proverbial microphone and never share it.  They want to tell you how much more they know than we do about, well, everything.   And hey, we can tolerate anything for a few minutes at a dinner party, but what if one of these “experts” on everything happens to be a prospect, we are trying to do a transaction with, and he/she will not give us a chance to engage?  Here is a great way to close a big ego.

Our prospect knows EVERYTHING, right? So he must know . . . how to close . . . himself.  Let’s put it a little differently with this role play.

Mr. Ego: “. . . as for your services, I can already do much of this myself and I know everything about your research blah, blah, blah . . . “

Us: “You know Mr. Ego, you really do know a lot about this program.  Can I ask you for some advice . . . it would really mean a lot to me?”

Mr. Ego: (Virtually guaranteed) “Sure.” (Being asked for advice makes a person feel big . . . mother’s milk to a big ego.)

Us: “If you were selling this product/service, how would you recommend approaching a knowledgeable buyer like yourself?”

Now, get ready, because you are going to get a ton of information fast and the benefits are twofold. One, the buyer is going to tell you exactly how you should be selling to him. Two, he is going to feel GREAT doing so. In fact, it could turn into the best sales call he has ever experienced.

Remember, know-it-all’s, who over- talk, love validation.  Why not give it to him . . . it’s easy, it’s free and he might just give you a nice sale in return.

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