The Words We Love to Hear

We are going to start our weekly column in a moment, but we wanted to quickly direct you to something new we are doing if you have an interest.

One of our companies, SalesDrive, has developed a very powerful assessment program to help determine core potential in salespeople. It is an online sales assessment and is becoming very popular with companies who include it in their recruiting and interviewing processes.  For the first time, we are drawing in co-promoters that can help us bring this process to new clients.  This is primarily a referral program so the actual work is minimal and the potential profits are high . . . $100,000 per affiliate is the target.  If you have any interest in understanding more, please click here for details.  Now, back to the column . . .

The Words We Love to Hear

You are probably way ahead of us, but what do you think are the words that get our attention the fastest and we like to hear most? You’ve got it . . . our own names. Let’s face it, we all have egos and we are conditioned to pay attention when someone says, “Hey Bill!” Or, “Mary, can you check this?” Sounds simple and basic, but this can actually be a big deal when you are in the process of communicating or presenting to a client.  

For example, research shows that a person is twice as likely to remember the previous sentence when it follows his or her name. That is 2X, and that is powerful! Obviously if we overuse this strategy, it can have diminishing returns, but carefully crafting our client’s name into a key point or two of our presentation really does work well, so something like  . . .

“Bill, I really want you to focus on this next point . . . it’s a game changer,”

. . . is a natural and extremely potent communication technique we should all keep in mind.

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