Most of us would agree that serving others is our highest calling as human beings.  Service lies at the core of many philosophical value systems, and certainly obvious service work ranging from the medical profession, at its finest, to first responders, for example, is held in high esteem. 

But service can also be a fundamental element of a successful selling career.  Great selling is not about taking . . . it is about communicating, educating, elevating and adding value.  It is about fellowship and camaraderie.  It is about creativity and collaboration and, when it all comes together for both parties; it is a cause for celebration and joy.

A serving mentality has an accumulative dynamic to it.  It builds up momentum over months and years.  It generates a bank account full of good feelings and good will.  And this I promise you, after many years in the business of selling . . . what goes around absolutely and positively comes around.

So this week, catch yourself serving somebody and develop service as a value and a habit.  It’s a great way to do business and a terrific way to live.

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