Blunt Rejection? Thank the Prospect

We all know sales can be a rough and tumble game, and rejection is a constant part of the program. But even some of the most battle-hardened veterans I know, fear the especially tough customer or prospect . . . you know . . . the guy or gal who says “no” with extra conviction.

Actually, I like these kinds of buyers because they give me an important gift when they make decisions and get to the point . . . time. Time is the true mortal enemy of all salespeople. The more time I waste fooling around with prospects who are uncomfortable saying no—or, even worse, are passive-aggressive and string me along for weeks at a time—the less time I actually have to produce and make money.

That is not to say I will tolerate abusive people . . . life is too short. But I like the blunt ones. It’s hard enough to know where we stand in many sales cycles, so good, honest feedback—even when sometimes delivered with a little extra varnish—can really help me prioritize my time.

Plus, a little shot to the side of the head every once in a while gives me something to talk about with my fellow salespeople at the corner tavern after work, as we trade war stories about the most interesting profession in the world . . . sales.

In fact did I tell you about one prospect who told me that if I ever called him again he would . . .

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