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This week we would like to make our annual appeal for donations to the Mr. Shmooze column.

As you know, we produce 48 columns per year and charge neither a subscription fee nor do we advertise. We are therefore completely dependent upon the good wishes of our readers.

Money received goes toward paying our interns and research team, who continuously search for concepts and ideas that may help our readers be the most dynamic producers they can be.

Our recommended donation is $20 and can be processed in less than one minute by clicking here. We have a good sized following, so just this small amount can go a long way if everyone participates!

And coming soon, we are going to begin delivering a “Questions for Mr. Shmooze” segment via video!

So please chip in a little for another year for the wit and wisdom of Mr. Shmooze.

Thank you!
The Mr. Shmooze Team

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