Sales Support from a Different Perspective

I recently went to a tire guy to fix a minor leak and give me an estimate. He fixed the tire, rotated all of them, balanced them and rather than charge me and going into the upsell I expected for new tires, he said, “Just give me a good review on Angie’s list.”

I went through a major house move the other day. Afterwards, I went to tip the driver and he declined saying, “Just give me a good review on Yelp.”

I was looking for a good tile man. I Googled a few and found one I like. Then I read his reviews and passed.

I don’t know if it is fair or not as business people to be so captive by these powerful, Internet reviews, and I am sure we need to put them into perspective, since unhappy and unsatisfied people are more likely to post. Nonetheless, they have become a real force, and to the extent, that if we ignore them we do so at our own risk.

We obviously need to provide great customer service, but we should also encourage our happy and satisfied customers to post success stories. They could ultimately make the difference in whether or not a prospect even clicks on our website, much less gives us a chance to present our goods and services.

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