Selling Through the Close

A sales cycle often runs well past the formal close and includes a critical period up to the actual delivery of the product or service . . . a period when a buyer may back out of the deal (the famous “buyer’s remorse.”) A strong way to pre-empt buyer’s remorse, or any other problem for that matter, is to keep in close touch with the client as contracts and logistics are finalized, and by also reinforcing the buyer’s original, positive emotions behind the purchase. 

Let’s say the buyer has agreed to an important service contract which is due to start in 30 days. Try to find opportunities to congratulate and reinforce the buyer for his/her wisdom in choosing your company. One salesperson I know stops by with the service team to introduce the team and allow them to express their excitement and appreciation for the new opportunity at hand. I have seen another keep a running, closing checklist with the buyer and he sends it along each time another item is checked off just to keep momentum going and keep the buyer emotionally and intellectually invested in the process.

Absence does not make the heart grow fonder in sales. Lots of little touches keep you top of mind with the buyer, which can be critical when he begins to clutch after the “close” but before formal delivery of goods or services begins.  People are much less likely to renege if they remain actively involved and emotionally engaged throughout  . . . with you!

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