Charisma! You Have it in You!

Most of us are attracted to charismatic people and certainly charisma can be very powerful in the context of sales. So what is behind this “magical” quality and is it something people are born with or can it be developed?

Actually, charisma is a learnable characteristic. People such as John F. Kennedy and Oprah Winfrey were not born charismatic. What they did have was a drive to become attractive to others and they each, in their own ways, studied and learned from other charismatic people. And what did they learn?

That the secret to charisma is making other people feel charismatic about themselves. Charismatic people raise the emotional states of the people around them . . . they “turn them on,” inspire them, or provide a lift along the way.  So charisma is not a mystical innate personality trait, it is a way of relating to the people around us. It is a behavior and a process that we all can and should learn and apply in our own way as salespeople.

There is a saying that we each have an invisible sign around our necks that says, “Make me feel important.” That is the perfect definition of charisma.

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