A Tale of Two Salespeople

A friend of mine just sold his house. He used two agents.

The first agent listed the house. Held a couple of open houses. Stepped back. Never came to house personally in between showings and was usually not present at showings for personal pitch. Kept recommending lowering price. House sat.

The second agent listed the house. Held weekly open houses. Repeatedly called attendees. Hired handymen to paint and fix up odds and ends. Recommended mover. Brought in and personally managed repair contractors. Was in the house every week during tenure. Was present at all showings for personal pitch. Called principal each week with updates. Eventually closed an earlier open house attendee after repeated follow up.

Two salespeople. Same goal. But, based upon criteria like focus, follow up, work ethic, extra service, client communication and personal involvement, which one would you choose?

Sales is not just about closing the customer. It is about serving the customer . . . with everything we’ve got . . . and more! Then the word gets around. That is how the big producers build a relationship-based, super-practice and consistently crush their competition in the process. In fact their competitors never really know what hit them.

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