The #1 Reason Clients Leave!

Surveys are constantly being done on why clients leave.  If I asked you to guess, you might say price . . . that is what I thought . . . but that is not the answer. The answer is clients feel they are not being paid enough attention to.

Whoa! That is a really, REALLY big deal because it means that if we are doing our jobs, Mr. Shmooze style, we should never lose a customer. And now that I think about it, and scan back to the greatest salespeople I have ever known, they really don’t lose customers.  Why? Because they turn their customers into lifelong friends.

My Dad had the same insurance salesman for 50 years. They played golf together. They met for lunch regularly. They trusted each other.

I bought cars from the same car salesman for two decades. He always called to check in, to let me know when a new model was coming out and to remind me of an upcoming service.

I know a cleaning salesperson who dominated his market.  It wasn’t what he did when it came time to bid; it was all in the absolutely intense customer relations he generated between bids.  Then, when the bids came up, he always had the edge.

Clients don’t leave for price . . . not in selling environments where relationships count and the competitive product set is relatively equal. They leave because they weren’t feeling the love, and someone else came along and gave it to them.

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