A Pushy Salesperson vs. A Persistent Salesperson

Over the years many salespeople have asked us about the potential issue of being too pushy as a salesperson. Each situation is different, but as a general rule, when we are following up with prospects, we like to keep adding fresh knowledge and ideas to the dialogue. We figure our follow up will be welcome so long as we continue to add value in the form of updates and information whether the buyer is quite ready to pull the trigger or not.

We think where salespeople can be considered pushy is when they simply keep calling to “check in” or to inquire on “when will you be ready to place an order.” It can become a nuisance when someone stays without adding information that might make us more comfortable in the process.

So it is always a fine line. We definitely want to keep the connection alive and vibrant. The art of the process is trying to make each follow up encounter meaningful and fresh. It’s not easy, but that is the art of it, and just dialing for dollars without preparing a bit and trying to add value in each and every call can cause you to miss the bigger picture of trying to build an informed and trusting relationship with the buyer.

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