Elevation: The Secret to Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary!

Elevation is one of the main themes we stress in our books and workshops.

Elevation is the art of taking any element of our communications and relationships with our clients, and making it special . . . then doing it again and again. Here is an example.

Let’s say we are with a client and he says he admires Arnold Palmer. Now, what are we going to do about the doorway our client has just opened into his interests? Let’s brainstorm.

We could buy the client a book on Arnold Palmer. But let’s elevate that. How about getting Palmer’s autograph in the book? Cool, but let’s elevate that. How about a personalized note with the autograph? That can be done. How about arranging to meet Palmer if/when he comes into the area. Obviously much harder, but you get the idea.

Ordinary salespeople do not even hear these opportunities when they are presented and therefore do not do anything about them. Good salespeople listen, hear and respond. GREAT salespeople create an extraordinary memory that they can share for years . . . sometimes even for life!

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