A Closing Your Prospect/Client Will Never Forget!

So you have just spent 30-60 minutes with an important prospect. You have covered a lot of ground and there has been some great interaction, but you are a little worried that there is so much information in the air that it may become diluted after you leave. Here is a great closing line to be sure that does not happen.

“Mr. Prospect, this has been a great meeting and we have talked a lot about some very important things, but if there is one thing I would like you to remember (pause) . . . it’s that we can have this software installed and making money for you within one week of signing.”

Obviously, we want to focus this key moment on the most important priority our prospect identified for us in the meeting. And just a quick tip . . . if you include the prospect’s name in the sentence you want him to remember, it will increase his attention, and his memory, by 50%!

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