Electrifying Service = Loyalty and Sales

I flew back to Austin from Chicago yesterday. Long trip, tired, just like the rest of you road warriors. Since the weather is changing I took my leather jacket for the first time since last winter . . . a nice one and my favorite. Got off the plane, went down to the cab stand and, of course, no jacket. I left it on the plane. I ran back up to the ticket counter . . . big lines and a long line to re-enter security. I was stuck.

Then one of those AA folks who hover around the self-check in counters asked me if I needed some help, which normally I never do when I am checking in at the kiosk. I explained my predicament and the young lady said “wait here!” She then turned and literally ran behind the ticket counter and down to a doorway and was gone for ten minutes . . . then emerged with my jacket!

We all have so many tough airline stories but this one showed me how much just one person, acting on her own initiative, can have a huge impact on a service situation and on a customer’s feelings about a company. My next letter is to the airlines  . . . I took her name and want to make sure she gets credit for the heroic service performance.

Never underestimate how going the extra mile when someone really needs help can electrify customer service.

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