The Awesome Power of Social Proof

Psychologists know that it is basic human instinct for human beings to seek validation for their decisions from the groups they identify with. So if you are a professional basketball player, and your trainer wants you to try a new diet or exercise routine, the first thing you will probably ask is, “Who else is doing it?”  If the answer is, “LeBron James or Michael Jordan,” you will probably ascribe more credibility and value to the proposition than if your trainer has no successful examples to point to.

The same goes for us as salespeople. Our prospects will always be interested in two things relative to “social proof.”

  1. Who else is using the product or service we are selling? The answer can be especially powerful if the example is someone (or a company) that is held in high esteem.
  2. What was the outcome? For example, let’s say you are selling a customer relations management program to the tech company, Apple, last year and they say their customer service ratings have increased 25%.

This week, try to come up with some good names and success stories you can point to in various industries to leverage the awesome power of social proof in your sales conversations.