May The Force Be With You!

I hurt my shoulder being a knucklehead working out Friday, so I called a local area spa/resort to try to arrange a massage. I was not ready for the hurricane of energy and positive vibes I was about to experience. It went something like this:


Rachel: (Incredibly cheerful and happy voice): “Hello! This is the Seasons Spa and Health Club and this is Rachel speaking. May I ask with whom I am speaking?”


Me: “This is Richard Abraham.”


Rachel: “Mr. Abraham, It is a privilege to make your acquaintance. What can I do to make your day?”


Me: “Well, I was hoping to book a massage tomorrow afternoon.”


Rachel: “Absolutely! Do you have anything specific in mind?”


Me: “Actually, I hurt my shoulder lifting weights so I am hoping for some concentration on that issue.”


Rachel: “I am so sorry about that Mr. Abraham! You know, in that case, I would highly recommend my best shoulder man. (I love it. ‘My best shoulder man’ . . . she is the receptionist.) He works with all the golfers here at the club. They tell me he is great! May I reserve 4:00pm for you?”


Me: “Yes.”


Rachel: “Very good! Now rest that shoulder this evening Mr. Abraham and we will take good care of you tomorrow!”


The next day, I went to the club and was checking in from the front desk, when I heard that voice coming from another desk around the corner.

“Thank you so much Mrs. Rogers! It’s always so great to see you! Have a glorious rest of your weekend!”

A beaming Mrs. Rogers strolled passed me and I walked over to the next desk and said, “You must be Rachel.” 

The young woman absolutely bolted up from her chair, smiled ear-to-ear and reached out to shake my hand saying, “That I am. And whom do I have the pleasure of meeting on this beautiful afternoon?”


Me: “I am Richard Abraham.”


Rachel: “Oh the man with the sore shoulder! Did rest help?”


Me: “A little but I am glad to be here.”


Rachel: “And we are so glad you are here! I am personally going to take you down to the locker room where you can change.”


I said, “I love your enthusiasm!”  As I said that, I noticed the other staff in the room laughing . . . they knew exactly what I was talking about.

On the way to the locker room Rachel exchanged big hellos with at least six other workers and club members. When we arrived, I turned to Rachel and I said, “You know, I wrote a book about people like you . . . people who are bigger than life, who emote positive energy, who elevate the feelings of people around them. You are absolutely great! What is your secret?”


Rachel: “Thank you Sir!  You know, my philosophy is that I try to take whatever job I am doing and make it the absolute best experience I can for everyone around me and for me! I am not always going to be a receptionist, but I am now, so why not have fun with it and throw my heart into it? I cannot imagine being any other way!”


There it is! The heartThe soulThe elevation.

I wish I could see where Rachel is in 10 years!  She is a superstar and when she gets on the big stage she is going to move mountains.


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  1. What a wonderful post! I am inspired just reading it. Hope your shoulder is better!

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