The Power of the Metaphor

Metaphors create tremendous leverage and clarity in communication. They cut through the jargon and activate the imagination and the emotional side in the buyer’s mind. Metaphors begin with the phrase, “It’s kind of like…”

Here is an example we often refer to.

Let’s say that a financial planner is working through the nuance of developing diversity in a client’s investment portfolio. At an opportune moment, he can use the following metaphor:

“John, diversity is kind of like having six cables on an elevator. If one breaks, the others will make sure the elevator does not fall.”

Sharp, vivid and makes the point visually.

It can be a great creative exercise for your team to develop metaphors together for key elements of your product/service offerings and to have them ready when the opportunity presents itself. It’s kind of like putting icing on the selling cake [Sorry, couldn’t resist. 🙂]

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