A  Mr. Shmooze Style New Year’s Resolution

This is our last column of the year, and of course everybody is compiling their New Year’s resolutions as we speak. In the spirit of Mr. Shmooze, think about including the following resolution:
In 2017, each time I have an encounter with anyone, when I finish, I will pause for just a second and ask myself the following question:

“Did I lift the other person’s spirits, even just a little, when we interacted?”
That’s it!  If the answer is yes, you will have one of the most successful and fulfilling years of your life in 2017. It takes some discipline, and a little focus,  but once you get in that mode, magic can happen.
Happy New Year everyone!

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The character of "Mr. Shmooze" is larger than life. He is the creation of Richard Abraham, president of The Richard Abraham Company. Mr. Shmooze™ is a composite of the greatest salespeople in the world, and the insight offered through the platform of Mr. Shmooze products is designed to give salesmen and women a powerful advantage—turbocharging their sales results!

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