Persistence – The Key to Achievement!

Happy 2017!
For us as salespeople, there is nothing quite like a fresh new year!  And as we move into 2017, remember this:
Of all the factors that go into successful selling and relationship building, NOTHING is more important than persistence.  Not talent, not intelligence, not personality. 
If you look back at history’s greatest achievements from the light bulb and computers to cures for polio and other terrible diseases, the creators have all said that success was a matter of trying again and again and again and again.
The same goes for sales in 2017. . . when everyone else has given up, you will keep pushing. You will keep trying.  You will keep experimenting.  Your level of persistence is 100% in your power and your control!
That is why we all chose this great and valuable business profession . . . for the personal sense of excitement and freedom.
Let the hunt begin!

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