Quality Observations from the Road

I just returned from some business travel where I always get to observe some great Mr. Shmooze moves (and sometimes the reverse). In other words . . . “elevation.”

  1. I was dining at a fine restaurant. I needed to use the restroom and asked my waiter where it was. Most waiters would point it out. This waiter said, “Follow me . . . I will show you.” Nice!

  3. I needed a late checkout at my hotel. I went to the front desk and requested one. The front desk lady looked at me and asked, “How late would you like to stay?” I said, “3 pm.” She said, “Done!” No looking anything up . . . she obviously knew she had some space . . . just a sharp, positive response, delivered with authority and conviction. Great!

  5. I took four cab rides. Three were average to below average. On the fourth, when I got into the cab it was spotless and actually smelled fresh and clean. The driver had put the seat up on my side in advance so it was much easier to get in and out. He had plenty of one dollar bills ready to make change. And he was engaging without being annoying. Perfect!

Quality always comes down to execution of the smallest details combined with an uplifting demeanor and love of delivering great service. If we could get all the people in our companies thinking and executing in these elevated ways, the sky would be the limit for all of our hopes and dreams therein.

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