And the Award for Best Picture Goes to . . . . Whoops!

For those of us who watched the Academy Awards, we were shocked to witness the biggest mistake in the show’s history when they announced and presented the best picture award to the wrong movie. And yet, like mistakes we all make, it set up an opportunity for forgiveness if handled well . . . and it was. 
A key was speed . . . the mistake was immediately identified and corrected. Also, the host did a great job of diffusing the situation and putting it into context (“It’s only an awards show”). 
In the days to follow, accountable people stepped right up . . . no spin, no dodging and weaving. And I am sure it will now be great fodder for next year’s show as well.
In business and in sales, we are all going to make mistakes. The good news is that since we all make them, most of us are ready to forgive others as well.
We just want to be told the truth . . . fast and straight . . . so we can all deal with whatever issue may have come up in the process. 
The worst thing we can do is sit on it or try to spin a mistake. Inevitably, it just makes it worse.

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