The Power of Words

Linguistics is a science that does not get as much notice as it should. There is a lot of research that tells us that words shape our thinking both internally and externally, and that a vocabulary loaded with energy, confidence and optimism can have a profound, positive impact on both the person saying the words and the people who hear them.
If you listen closely, you can pick up subtle patterns in peoples’ moods and attitudes, even when they are trying to sound positive. Pessimistic words slip into their sentences and their presentations lack vitality and passion.
That may be ok in personal conversations since we are not asking people to be disingenuous about their feelings on a personal level.
But when it comes to selling, it really does pay to construct a communications platform that is full of energy, confidence and positive words and phrasing.
Remember that at least 50% of a buyer’s decision is based upon his/her impression of the salesperson in the context of the meeting, and a well-stocked vocabulary of winning words is a powerful part of the salesperson’s arsenal.
Take time this week to review your pitches and presentations. Are you using energetic, positive words?
Try this technique in your next sales presentation and let us know if there is a noticeable impact on the meeting in the comments below.

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  1. We work on this every Thursday during our developmental training block. Avoiding toxic phrases, stretching our enthusiastic boundaries, and compiling best practices for our client presentations continues to elevate our team’s impact with our clients. You couldn’t be more right, as usual! Thanks for the material.

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