A Potent Selling Combination

I have been selling for a long time now. I have sold alone. I have sold with other men. But do you want to know what my favorite combination is? Selling with a woman. Here’s why.
A male/female selling combination covers all the bases in terms of buyers. Some male buyers like to buy from men. But some prefer buying from a woman. Some women like to buy from other women, while others may prefer buying from a man.
So, when I team up with a woman, the first things we try to determine are the buyer’s preferences. It’s usually easy to see . . . people gravitate quickly to their natural preference.
I cannot tell you how many times, for example, we have walked into a room with say, three male buyers and one female, and the lady lights up when she sees another woman walk in. Inevitably, at the end of the meeting, the two ladies are in the corner comparing notes, and I know we have that particular base well covered.
And let’s face it. There are more than a few male buyers out there who like to have a female in the selling mix. Why should I cede that advantage to my competitor?
I don’t want to overstate this, but human nature can be pretty powerful. So welcome the opportunities to team up like this when they present themselves. They can be very productive and rewarding selling experiences.

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