Seinfeld – The Ultimate Salesperson

I read an interesting article on Jerry Seinfeld who is obviously famous as an entertainer, but is also incredibly successful as a businessman with multiple ventures and a net worth of over $900 Million. 
One of the things that caught my eye that we can relate to as salespeople is that when asked about the success of his hit TV show Seinfeld, he replied,

“The reason that the show was successful is that I micro-managed it (relative to quality) – every word, every line, every take, every edit, every casting. That is my way of life.”

I wonder how many of us obsess as much about our own selling programs . . . every word, every line, how we look, how we sound, how our collaterals work et. al.  Jerry would! 
And we have a lot in common . . . Jerry had to sell himself and sell his show . . . and so do we.
In fact, we all have our own “Seinfeld” show.  Just cross out his name and put in yours. 

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