Say it 2X for 10X Impact

Here is a quick but very powerful selling tip:
When you are speaking to a client and he or she says something that is obviously a key element of the sale, pause for a moment and repeat the point back to them. 
Here is an example…
Client: “Security is really important to me when it comes to handling this material.”
You: “OK, so security is a top priority, right?”
Client: “Right!”
May sound like a minor moment, but actually it is a big deal!
By simply repeating the client’s desire, and then asking him to verify it, you have sent him two VERY powerful signals:

  1. You are listening closely to him.
  2. You “get it,” that is, you have connected to his need or pain, and you respect and validate it.

There are not too many conversational techniques that accomplish so much in so little time.

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