‘Tis the Season . . . To Learn!

This week is a great time for us as salespeople to see what all the retailers are doing for their prospects and customers. It is a free classroom . . . literally hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent on marketing, promotion and sales.
See what grabs your attention. 

  • What are the headlines that resonate with you?   
  • What phrases and words are most interesting and exciting? 
  • What colors in the ads and in the stores attract your attention? 
  • How well-trained are the part time holiday salespeople?
  • What kind of moods are the stores setting with their merchandising?

Each holiday season, the competition is fierce among the retailers, just like it is among us as individual salespeople. 
The winners will be the online and brick and mortar stores that have done the best research, invested in training and deliver the most outstanding customer experience. 
Keep your eyes and ears open . . . there is much to learn by being tuned into the great game of selling!


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