Time is Money

One of the biggest differences we see between big producers and average producers is the amount of time actually spent on high leverage sales activity.
As we all know, since sales is largely a self-managed situation, it’s pretty easy to get distracted throughout the day by paperwork, calls, emails and personal business among many other things. 
Big producers set up time management systems to regulate these distractions and delegate as much as they can to others. They are ferocious about reserving most of their time for either speaking with prospects/clients, or working on their behalf, and they just refuse to get pulled into the lower level chatter unless it’s during times they have set specifically for office work.
This is obviously much easier said than done but it is absolutely pivotal to graduating to the highest levels of selling.
Time really is money, and it is our choice whether we are satisfied operating on a distracted basis, or if we want to spend more time on activity that actually produces income for us and for our families.
Consider setting up a time management system for yourself this year so you can stay more focused on high-level activities.

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