And The Oscar Goes To . . . ZZZZZ

The numbers are in for Sunday night’s Academy Awards and its official . . . it was the lowest watched show in decades. 
All sorts of theories are being raised, but two of them should resonate with us as salespeople.

  1. The Academy has lost touch with its audience. Younger people, for example, spend more time on other media and will not just sit through a three-hour television show.

  3. The whole awards concept/format is stale. There are too many awards shows, not only for movies, but for many art forms. The product has become flat.

Some of the smartest people in the media are looking at this and the concept will no doubt reinvent itself,
And it is a good idea for us to be constantly reassessing our own products, our marketing plans, our communications programs and the way we sell our goods and services. 
If the market can surprise Hollywood, it can surprise anybody . . . including us. It’s best to stay ahead of the wave and not get swamped by it.

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