March Madness – What is YOUR Cinderella Story?

Most of you probably picked up on the terrific Loyola University Chicago Cinderella story in this year’s NCAA tournament. Ratings for their games went through the roof as they moved ever deeper into the tournament. And the whole experience is going to have a profound, positive impact on the university in terms of both athletic and academic recruiting going forward.
How did Loyola generate so much more interest in its team (product) than any of its competitors in this context? 
Because it developed and delivered a great story . . . a story which created excitement and stirred peoples’ passions and emotions. It clearly differentiated itself as an underdog, an overachiever, a team with rock solid fundamentals, who shared the ball and played smart. People loved them.
How can we capture some of these lessons as salespeople?

  • What is YOUR story? 
  • What is unique, different and exciting about your product or service and YOU personally? 
  • What kind of story can you tell? Success stories about clients? A bright future with a prospect? 

Remember . . . a great story not only captures the mind of the buyer . . . it captures his or her heart! With passion. With emotion. With conviction. Like Loyola.

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