Lessons From the Big Guys/Gals

You know those incessant emails you get from retailers you may have purchased something from online? Maybe you bought a shirt and then week after week after week you are bombarded with promotions and sales information.
They can be pretty darn obnoxious . . . and yet . . . like it or not, they work! 
You see, the big marketing machines are playing a big numbers game. They know EXACTLY what percentage of those ads ultimately convert to sales, and the cost of bombarding us with those ads is justified by the return on those investments.
The key is that they want to be in front of you all the time so that when the moment comes when you actually want to buy something . . . voila . . . there they are waiting to take your order.
As individual salespeople, we can learn a lot from big marketing. 
I certainly don’t advocate bugging our clients to death with endless promotions, but the concept of staying in touch on a regular basis even when our clients are not buying makes huge sense. 
Remember, if we are not staying in touch with them, someone else can easily slip in there, and it is much harder to find a new client than retain an old one.

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