The World’s Best

People often ask me to talk about the best salespeople I have ever met. I like to tell them the following story.
A couple years ago, I was relaxing on a Saturday morning, reading the paper and enjoying a warm cup of coffee. Suddenly, the energy in the room changed when my daughter, Katherine, burst into the room with an ad she had pulled off the Internet.
“Dad! It’s here!”
“Huh? What’s here?”
“The new Nintendo system! I’ve been waiting for it. It arrived today at BestBuy! C’mon. They will sell out by noon!” (Classic use of “sense of urgency.” We need to act or lose our chance.)
“Now wait a second. Have you checked this thing out? I mean, is it any good?”
“It’s great. All the kids are talking about it. I just talked to Susie Brett and she and her Dad are already on their way over there.” (Skillful use of social proof and competitive instincts since Katherine knows Bill Brett and I always like to one up each other on cool stuff.)
“Well, let me finish my coffee . . .” (Hands me my jacket and a mobile cup . . . removing all sales hurdles.)
“Please Dad . . . they will sell out!”
“OK, let’s go.”
Later, at BestBuy, I have the new system and I am talking to a clerk when Katherine comes up with her hands full of Mario games.
“Here Dad, we can use these on the new platform.”
“Wait a second. I told you to grab two games. How many have you got there (counting) . . . four? Give me a break.”
(Laughing) OK Dad . . . I’ll put one back.” (Proven negotiating technique. Start high . . . no risk in asking. Fallback position still ahead.)
We check out and as we walk out the door, Katherine puts her arm around my waist and says, “Thanks Dad. You’re the best!” (Reinforces my decision.)
“Let’s go have a milkshake to celebrate!” (Always keep selling when you are on a roll.)
“OK … but don’t tell Mom.”
The moral of the story is the next time you want to be inspired by watching the world’s best salespeople in action; you probably do not have to go very far.

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